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Appliance Manufacturers

Appliance Manufacturer

A key goal of this project is to provide IoT and customer-premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers an easy way of protecting their customers as well as their product suites/devices. Quad9 will provide a key means of protection to device manufacturers and their customers by actively blocking access to known malicious domains. Future work will focus on identifying malicious infrastructure and previously unknown vulnerabilities in devices.

How It Works

Quad9 is a recursive DNS platform available to individual users, organizations and governments around the globe. This infrastructure can be used to resolve any domain name into an IP address for use by devices and computers under your control.

Quad9 delivers a free base level protection for everyone around the globe. We do this by aggregating threat feeds provided by our partners and transforming them into a format that the DNS infrastructure can use to block malicious domains. By partnering with IoT/CPE device manufacturers we can provide a means of protecting not just your customers, but also your own products and devices against the increasing threat of compromise.

Ensure your IoT products aren’t putting your customers at risk through unknown vulnerabilities.

  1. A license to co-brand/market devices in a retail market with Quad9 branding.
  2. Immediate integration opportunity of our existing DNS infrastructure for protection of device manufacturers’ customer base against common threats.
  3. Global recognition as a Quad9 partner organization.
  4. Partnership in conferences and conventions to discuss the impact of working with Quad9.
  5. Entry into future projects and works focused on vulnerability discovery against IoT/CPE devices.
  6. Technical and engineering support for integration and product management for new security related efforts.
  7. Beyond the market differentiation and impact on marketing and visibility that partnership can offer a device manufacturer, by partnering with Quad9 your brand can immediately take and communicate a proactive stance on the threats that IoT/CPE devices face. The project also focuses on providing its end users as high of a level of privacy protection as we can technically produce while maintaining a solid and resilient DNS infrastructure.

We do not store or log to disk the source IP from which a query originated.

How to Partner

Send an email to the following email address to setup an on-boarding meeting

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