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Quad9 provides a robust layer of protection for organizations and municipalities of all sizes. By using this platform you are able to take advantage of more than eighteen vetted threat intelligence feeds that provide protection against a wide spectrum of threats. This protection is provided for free and with strong privacy standards and all modern DNS encryption options.


Pilot organizations have seen dramatic reductions in IDS alerts and anti-virus alerts on their systems. If your organization requires or desires reporting on what is being blocked we highly encourage you to investigate commercial vendors who can provide that level of reporting.

For most organizations, this change is as quick as five minutes. 

The combination of ease of implementation (change your DNS settings, or forward your existing DNS resolvers to our IPs) and basic blocking allows organizations to enjoy a large amount of protection from a basic service for free.

  • Provide a free, recursive DNS services that blocks against common malicious threats (phishing domains, exploit kit domains, malware c2 domains).
  • Provide the users of the system a privacy preserving experience. (By not logging source IP address for queries and strict rules on processing and sharing salted+hashed versions of source data.)
  • Provide excellent speed performance on DNS lookups while achieving the other security and privacy goals.
  • Provide a means of operationalizing threat intelligence that exists within the security community in a way that provides some value back to industry as well as end users on the Internet.
How It Works

Quad9 is a recursive DNS platform available to individual users, organizations and governments around the globe. This infrastructure can be used to resolve any domain name into an IP address for use by devices and computers under your control.

Quad9 delivers a free basic level of protection for everyone around the globe. We do this by aggregating threat feeds provided by our partners and transforming them into a format that the DNS infrastructure can use to block malicious domains.

Quad9 provides organizations these and other benefits:

  • Security: Quad9 has a combined pool of malicious sites from more than 18 leading vendors and sources, making it more effective than just one source.
  • Privacy: Quad9 does not track personal information. Often DNS security solutions capture personal data for marketing and other purposes that end users may not expect. Quad9 does not record or compile any personally identifiable information, and as a nonprofit, there is no pressure to change that model unexpectedly, unlike commercial organizations.
  • Performance: Quad9 is a global service with an infrastructure to match. We have resolvers located around the world, meaning that for many users, this DNS service will provide lower latency resulting in higher productivity.
  • Free and easy to use: Quad9 is free and easy to set up. A few minutes is all it takes to configure your devices to run Quad9.

We do not store or log to disk the source IP from which a query originated.

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